Hard Week! Never Ever Give Up!

It has been a while I got a chance to write things down. Past couple weeks have been a little hard on me emotionally and otherwise. It looked like nothing I did was coming along right. Whatever I tried to do was going down in the opposite direction.

To top it all my laptop died on me again. I have this vaio flip 13″ laptop. I love it. Its one of those tablet style ones with touchpad. Last time I updated the OS and rebooted it, it was on December, the touch stopped working. There was no way to redo the update. I was thinking in the next update it was going to be better. In the next update and subsequent attempts to revive the touch, all of the usb ports stopped working.

With all this I was going through another set of emotional roller coaster. There was nothing I could do to fix it. I tried to stay positive and nothing worked. Sometimes bad times take their sweet time to clear off the way. And by the valentines day weekend my laptop died on me. Coursera machine learning submission was on the next day. I borrowed my roommates laptop (I am indebted to her) and finished of the project from scratch by next day.

Peer evaluations in such sites are often a problem, most people take it lightly. With the new submission guidelines, I went ahead full on providing my repo url in a text document and all other documents in repo to avoid any mishaps. The funniest thing happened, after evaluating my peer sumissions, you are supposed to evaluate 4 before you could view your result, I saw my submission just received 50%. I would not have been disappointed if the marks were cut because my submission was not proper. But when reading through the feedbacks, I realised only two checked through my repo and project, the other two mentioned that I did not have any file on my repo. (I do realise git does not display files on mobile like in desktop, you got to click jump to code to.see that, but still I dont think that was checked)Before going full on the desperation mode, I did a last attempt at submitting again, this time just with my link url and explaining what happened the first time. By that time, I was fully sure that passing the course was beyond my control.

And today, after leaving to office I received mails from coursera congratulating me on completing the work and that my course certificate was ready. I was little surprised. And on checking my project page I found all my new evaluators gave me full marks. That was the best part of the day.

My laptop is still in the service center. It always had some problem or other. Started with the fan problem, mother board dying, charger sparking and now to the charging port and display problems. To anyone going for the flip model of vaio, please dont. Save yourself from the trouble. I think the flip model is discontinued and is rebranded. Not sure about it. Whatever it is save yourself the money from buying. I paid an macbook pro equivalent money on vaio and it screwed me over. I had my reasons then.

Long story short, dont ever give up. If I had given up before I could do that last resubmission I would not have completed it. And for those reviewers who took it so lightly, you made my week horrid. To people in search for laptops, check the reviews thoroughly and buy. Ask your friends, online and do a proper research.

Have a wonderful day.

Ps: please forgive the typos. Bit difficult on phone to type and read it all through.


Formal trousers with a weekend twist

To all you amazing people out there, Happy Weekend. Hope the coffees helped you stay sane and the cocktails are in line to lighten up the weekend. Usually my week goes with me not doing the Machine Learning course and pushing quizes to the last minute. Some bulb inside my brain must have turned on or the screws tightened, I completed this weeks quiz and is full on with the next weeks material and project. Don’t you find yourself a tiny bit jubiliant when you do more than what you expected yourself to do? I love that feeling. Often I just put my expectations low. 😉
Now about my OOTD. Disclaimers: I am beginning to work around prints and colours. So if anything is out of place, do help me out to improve.


I wore my ankle length skinny fit formal trousers with a striped top and accessorized with chunky gold watch (it looks even more chunkier with my thin wrists) and a lovely gold studs. Cuffed the trouser at ankle and paired it with a floral shoes.  Tried to take a lot of glamour shots and the dress shots, lack of photographic skills have chained me a little.
That is all for today. I wish you all have a lovely weekend.

My tryst with the red lipstick

Hello there!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I had my own dose of splurge shopping and wallowing at all those dog pictures. After all that I was in one of those “why do I shop mode?”. You know what I mean, don’t you? I hope you feel the same way too, I don’t want to be the only one with a rock on my heart.


I  had to put that meme, it has been quite a while that I wanted to and 9gag or imgur is possibly places where I will be roasted. I hope you don’t mind.

So after the shopping, it was time to go for some evening snacks and I wanted to have a red lipstick. I have this fabulous looking ruby shade. I got it in one of my subscription boxes. It had excellent reviews online and looked fabulous on so many people. I was elated to try it out.

It was an amazing colour, but it did not settle well with my wrinkled lips (any home remedies to reduce that????) or my medium-dark complexion. This time, I had a hack for it. I put a piece of tissue over my lips and dusted it with a bit of my compact and with that the whole colour came around. On top of that it lasted through my snacks and dinner. I found the hack on several places for making the lip colour last longer, but it also tones down the colour, if that’s what you like. Adding a picture to show you the difference.


I don’t know much about make up, I am still trying to find my foundation shade without much success. So I am just jotting down the things I wish somebody told me 😀

Hope you are having an amazing day and if Monday blues are pulling you down, may you have coffee all day along to pull you through.



Getting my head over that finish line

Are you one of those people with an enormous amount of energy to try new things or start a new routine/ hobby? You decide you are going to the gym, you go for the first two days and then stop trying. I am one of those people who cant see through something I started. I  have all that enthusiasm in the beginning, but I never finish anything. The sad part is that bugs me and I would really love to change that part. Did any of you been that way and came out of it successfully? Help me out will you.

Gym part in my life was couple of months ago, took a three month membership, went twice in two months and then stopped. I could say I was sick and all that junk, but it doesn’t help the feeling that I have failed.

All said, I started with Coursera.org, tried it for an year without paying and just browsing through the material. Long story short, I was lazy and I did not finish. Then I started taking Data Science Specialization offered by John Hopkins. It had nine courses and a capstone project. I did seven of those last year, even took two courses in one month. I fell off the wagon again. I lost interest. But I was not willing to fail this time. I gave in and currently taking my eight course in the series.

Long story short, tomorrow is the Week 2 deadline and I feel like I wouldn’t finish again. But the money spent for it is something I cant afford to forgo right now. I used to enjoy all these courses. Lost all that somewhere in my life. I used to be passionate and used to be determined in finishing off what I started. I wish I could get back to what I was ten years ago and start again. I would have done a zillion things differently.


My search for the perfect White Shirt


During my pinterest hogging years, I used to stare at the pins looking like above and swoon over it. The problems were that I was wee bit short (around 5’3″) and that I was neither a petite figure nor too fat.

I went for XS in my topwear and around 30″ for my jeans. Figuring out how to dress up for such a shape still remains a formidable task to me. I once found out an amazing button down in a street shop during one of my trips. Because of my impeccable washing skills, I managed to ruin that wonderful piece.

A beautiful button down is such an amazing piece with a lot of utility. You dress it over a pair of distressed jeans (haven’t found the courage to use it yet) or a dark blue/back jeans, wear a sneakers to dress it down or a high heels like in the picture for a more elegant look. Or even wear it underneath a sweater for those cold days.

In short,  I am still searching for my perfect white button down and those heels. 😀

Hope you all had a wonderful day. If not, hang in there, something goods is coming for you.


People who helped

My dressing style has always been on border line shabby, to put it nicely. So here I was in a brand new city on a brand new job in a drab dress, being the only person with an oily hair and unflattering clothes. I wanted to look good, scratch that I wanted to look elegant. I was in that phase of life where when I looked in the mirror, I started crying. I was helpless and I did not know what to do. Endless hours in pinterest did not help in any way, it made me drown in my own pity pool.

I started to see all those inspirational videos to get motivated, and it helped. There is this youtuber named Anna Akana, she makes these amazing motivational videos. I am not sure if she would like to call it that way. I was able to connect with most of the videos she put up. I could relate to it, and every time I could take something from it. She helped to appreciate myself and to love who I am. If you are reading this Anna, Thank you so much, for being an inspiration in my life, for helping me during a not so pleasant period in life.

The second best thing I did was to chop off my hair to ear length. It was more of a communication mishap in the salon with the hair stylist rather than my own choice, and that too in the middle of a work week. That sort of brought in a level of confidence in me. In the meanwhile I stopped pinterest and started looking at a site called puttingmetogether.com. Because of my nonexistent colour skills, I could not take away much from it. But I started to work around neutrals :black, white and gray. I would never say I learnt to dress up elegantly. But I can proudly say I am better than who I was an year ago.

Crazy Chatter

I have no idea where you are and how you are doing, if you are happy or sad, if you are struggling to decide the course of your life, whatever it is and wherever you are I wish you all the best. To the sad ones, “This too shall pass”. That line had helped me in many situations.

How much do you know about that friend/ classmate of yours in that front bench at school? The one you have always teased for the high scores. The one who struggled with social skills. The one who is so smug that you only thought could not do anything other than math and science. The one with occasional prizes in a writing competition, so silent that you did not know if that person would fair well outside of the school. I am that front bench student. All my life has been about full marks in math and above 90% in science. I am turning 25 in a few months thinking if I had taken up something outside academics. I am not where I used to imagine myself to be, which bothers me a lot, and for which I am taking baby steps to change.

This is one such change. Right now, I just want to have some clarity in my life. With some stroke of luck, I might have my revelation here. If not, it is again some sort of win for me, because I am glad that I picked up something non-academic.